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  1. clara, eoin & the 4 boys!! Says:

    Hey John, thanks from all of us. we had brilliant holiday tipping arount southern ireland! the bus ran like a dream, and the kids fell in love with it. for our first campervan trip it was the best we could have asked for. Many happy memories and tons of cool photos! thanks again!

  2. sonya Says:

    Amazing pictures, was in awe of the restoration work carried out here. I hope to own a yellow bay window westy someday and now know exactly where to go for it. Sadly for now its back to my money-saving…

  3. tony Says:

    tony says nice site great to see stuff from ireland i am restoring a 1965 split screen at the moment hard work cheers

  4. Peter Haverty Says:

    Hello, John
    Loved that youtube vid of the ’73 – I see you fitted the Antares solid state leisure battery switch, glad my tip to you of that company has been of some use. Also try, a Dublin based supplier of all types of auto and leisure batteries. Unfortunately my bus was red rotten and beyond resto, but the bits kept a few others alive. Have not gotten anything else yet as simply cannot afford it but keep up the good work!

  5. Chris Says:

    Hey John, nice site, greets from the Netherlands 😉

  6. mike n vix Says:

    Thanks for the cuppa yesterday, we needed it! Great site by the way………We’ll be up soon to make a purchase,hopefully!


  7. patricia Says:

    Dear John saw your site Love from your dear old auntie Ciss who thinks of you all and home everyday
    God bless you all.xx

  8. Mairead Power Says:

    Hi John,
    Love the Krazy Kombis site, good luck with it all. Happy Birthday heard you had a fab party. 🙂

  9. Luby Says:

    Great website and great workmanship done on the vdubs. keep up the good work!

  10. lola Says:

    Hi,good site would love to see more pic’s
    of VW for sale

  11. Lucy & David Says:

    Hi, the Rat is still running sweet, like our photo you’ve added – we love him, thanks!!

  12. Lewis Says:

    savage website and class work

  13. Gary Kelly Says:

    its like heaven

  14. ciara roe Says:

    really like the new website! nice one!

  15. Gavin Says:

    Hi John,
    Top website. Cant wait to see “The Phoenix” posted up there soon!

  16. eamon mc evoy Says:

    class website!!

  17. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Looking forward to the Microbus being completed, love the new web site and watching all the restoration photos

  18. trev Says:

    best of luck for 2008 John 🙂

  19. Terry Murph Says:

    Hey Crazy,
    Liking the new site, very groovy. Now get that feckin’ bus off to the painters…..!!!!! (just kidding…..)
    The Murphs

  20. Louie Says:

    Hey John,
    New site looks fab. Wishing you the very best of luck with it.
    Louie –
    Extremely Satisfied Krazy Kombis Customer

  21. John Knightly Says:

    Hi Krazy i like the new look very cool . best of luck for the year ahead

  22. Diarmuid Says:

    Hey Crazy, Nice updated site, split is goin well since, best of luck!! 🙂

  23. Kevin Says:

    Love the new site lads. Good work. We’ll have to do business soon!! 🙂

  24. Tony Says:

    Loving the blog. Expecting lots of restoration pictures from the team at KK.

  25. The Silver Surfer Says:

    nice one dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Roger Says:

    Oh yes, I like the blog! HTML is sooo 2007 😀