Pwoer steering for your camper

Krazykombis are now an approved fitting centre for Litesteer  power steering systems ..

Check out


Litesteer power steering

Yosemite Sam ( Deposit received )

Don’t matter if its black or white

Let me make your dream a reality  with this 1970 original Westfalia camper
Desert bus, so again at the risk of repeating myself no ferrous oxide


Has a running 1600 engine and complete early westy interior

Now freshly painted inside and out in its original pearl white / artic white combo and being assembled .
Book it now for summer


We can be contacted as follows:

Email at moc.sibmokyzarknull@ofni

Telephone on + 353 (0)86 314 6412

Type 2 Ireland/Eireball Run Charity Raffle

Conrgratulations to Jeanette Kell who won the T2i Charity Bus Raffle today.

Krazy Kombis were very proud to have been involved and to source, supply and fix this fantastic Westfalia. This, combined with The 2007 Eireball Run raised a whopping €17,500 for the two childrens charities. 🙂